Breakthrough Fund

The VERGE Breakthrough Fund is Southwestern Ontario’s first impact investing fund providing growth capital to social and environmental enterprises.

The VERGE Breakthrough Fund is the first investment initiative in Canada to focus on local investment for local impact. This unique collaborative initiative was developed to showcase an initiative in Southwestern Ontario that can be used an example for communities across Canada.

Pillar Nonprofit Network, in partnership with MaRS SVX, have established the VERGE Breakthrough Fund to demonstrate that investors can earn a financial return while creating significant community impact. This new fund is an important milestone to building the path towards a new ecosystem of impact investing. Over $40 billion from Southwestern Ontario is held in non-local, traditional investment portfolios, and our fund is a starting point for unlocking that capital for our communities.

For Entrepreneurs

Focus Affordable housing developments, community real estate and established social enterprises

  • Operations in Southwestern Ontario
  • Minimum 1–2 years operational history
  • Currently generating revenue, has existing customers, or assets secured
  • Full-time experienced management

Loan Terms $50,000 – $500,000; flexible terms up to 5 years

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For Investors

Structure Investment opportunity available to accredited investors, held in a unit trust managed by Pillar Nonprofit Network and MaRS SVX.

Investment Terms
  • Target term of 7 years, up to 2 years to deploy and 5 year investment
  • Target net return of 3% to unitholders
  • First loss capital of $375,000 provided by the Government of Ontario
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Managed In Partnership With:

Pillar Nonprofit Network